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Lab World magazine is intended to address following disciplines /aspects, with option to add more when required

  • Calibration 
  • labs All sectors/subjects 
  •  Testing 
  • labs of every specialty, like: 

    • Building /material testing labs
    • Material testing labs
    • Metallurgical labs
    • Food testing labs


    • Cosmetic labs
    • Aroma testing labs
    • Wts & measure labs
    • Sensory testing labs



    • Forensic lab
    • Clinical Gem /jewelry testing labs
    • Labs
    • Bio-medical labs
     Other stakeholders 

  • Lab equipment/instruments
  • Sale/purchase of used lab equipment
  • Lab design
  • Lab furnishings
  • Articles from world class experts
  • Consultants
  • Solutions to  lab problems
  • Innovations and patents


  • Auditors/assessors
  • Consultants
  • Accreditations
  • Certification bodies
  • Inspection bodies
  • Metrology of ancient times & of yester years
  • Current aspects of metrology & Future trends
  • Statistical analysis of measurement results

  • Legal metrology
  • Quality management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Regulators
  • Events/News
  • Reader’s feedback/opinions
  • Human resource


LAB WORLD is edited by a well qualified   Scientist, with long experience, expertise & of international repute in the field of  metrology, laboratory accreditation, quality management, calibration and testing. It is managed by team of professionals and steered by experts from various specialties. In addition it is  supported by eminent personalities as honorary advisers and referees from  host of well known establishments like national laboratories, hospital specialists, regulators , academia, accreditation bodies etc.



The magazine will feel privileged to accept advertisements and/or any information/ event/news you wish convey to a large audience worldwide. The management is pretty confident that the magazine will be an effective gateway for your products/services to the fast expanding network of labs/consultants/ equipment suppliers/service providers, accreditators and regulators in India & developing economies. The advertisements must be booked in advance. A lead time of 15 days is required.

For mode of payment and current tariff contact Executive Editor or director.

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