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Towards the end of 20th century a new world order emerged that sparked the global economic development, communication systems, transport & transfer of man, machine, material at a scale never witnessed before. The changed order fructified mutual interdependence of various economies .This in turn evolved common procedural & technical code and necessitated objective evidence for smooth free flow of products and services across political borders. To provide objective evidence about the technical specifications, design and quality of products and services, a net work of laboratories in every part of the world followed as a natural consequence.

LAB WORLD MAGAZINE was conceived to expose the testing and calibration laboratories of developing economies to the world-class information and innovative tools that can help them to minimize variations in their test results , bring them at par with the developed world and qualify their test certificates internationally. This will avoid the need of multiple testing. The testing done once would be accepted everywhere. The end result will provide confidence to the customers and to the laboratories in making critical decisions, in enhancement of productivity and in continual improvement of product /services.

The Lab World Magazine is a quarterly magazine and is published from New Delhi. Its inaugural issue was blessed by Hon APJ Kalam on 16 August 2011.It is a quarterly magazine, publish of 4 issues in a year. So far 19 issues have been published.

The Lab World Magazine is registered with the Registrar of News Papers for India, (RNI) Government of India vide registration No DEL/ENG/2011/42248 dated 16 May 2012) Presently the circulation is limited to 500 copies in print media.

The magazine is available in digital form on-line (apple stand) through M/s Magzter Hyderabad India,,thereby is viewed over the whole world.[ Please refer to following link for viewing digital magazine] .